Mortgage Refinance Calculator

North Point Financial Owner/Broker Cliff Johnsen holds a Real Estate Broker license (license #00662853) and belongs to the California Association of Realtors and local board. He can assist in estimating a more precise value through Multiple Listing Service comparative analysis tools available through those memberships. Cliff also holds active General, Electrical, and Plumbing Contractor's licenses  (license #381401). Contact North Point Financial to get more information about the estimated value of your home. ​

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There are a number of Home Value Estimators that are free and accessible to the public. Please keep in mind that an online estimator is only a starting point for determining the value of your home and is not an official appraisal. Using this mortgage refinance calculator will give you a starting number for your refinance mortgage. A number of factors determine a home's value, including the location, physical condition, and market value.