North Point Financial Reverse Mortgage Testimonials

North Point Financial Reverse mortgage Testimonials in Chico

When we first started thinking about doing a reverse mortgage we didn't have any information about what it really was. Cliff was very helpful in directing the process and describing what a reverse mortgage could do for us. Since he had already gotten a reverse mortgage, he was able to describe how it had helped him get peace of mind knowing that he could stay in his house for the rest of his life. 

After having the initial meeting with him we decided to go ahead and start the application process. Because of Cliff's generosity we saved thousands and thousands of dollars by using his services instead of someone else.  Plus, Cliff gave us support by helping to fill out the paperwork and answering any questions that we had.

I highly recommend Cliff to anyone who qualifies for a reverse mortgage.  It gives us a tremendous peace of mind knowing that our home is ours. 

~Kaye Stotler

About a year ago we got a reverse mortgage for my mother-in-law from North Point Financial. Cliff Johnsen was very helpful through all aspects of the loan. He made several trips to the property to answer our questions.  

Cliff and North Point Financial saved us many thousands of dollars by paying most of the fees and costs without adding them to the loan balance. This was very beneficial, as we recently decided to sell the property and we did not have to pay all the fees that other companies add to the loan balance.

All in all, working with North Point Financial and getting a reverse mortgage was a very good financial decision.

I highly recommend them.

~Bob Contreas, Realtor